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When I was a little girl, I wrote down a bucket list (before I knew what that was) in my journal. Over the years it was forgotten about it. It was moved and shuffled countless times. By the time I reached adulthood, it would peak out from time to time amidst notes and keepsakes to remind me it was still there. Although I had accomplished some of the things on the list there were still several unchecked items. (Some of them I no longer had an interest running for a public office. What kind of kid wishes for that)?! However, items like, "becoming an expert in something" and "write a book" struck a little chord with me. (Actually, most of the list made me giggle, but some of them made me impressed with my young self). Writing a book has always been in the back corners of my mind, and although I am not writing a book here I am writing and sharing things from my heart and soul. And I bet you are wondering what kind of an expert I am... well, I'm not. But. I'm a pretty darn good baker and I like to think I can put a solid, fashionable look together. I have also taught fitness classes for over twenty years and am always willing to try something new (and tell you all about it).  Most importantly, I know a little about life and family. I am happily married and have raised (am raising) two teenagers. I am in the next chapter of life... teens, college, hot flashes and all kinds of fabulous life changes!

I love this beautiful cyber world, but I feel our voice (the more mature woman) is missing. I have lived through late night feedings, first words, jobs, marriages, even divorce. Now, I want to know if it's normal to have your teen snap at you one minute and bear hugging you the next. Or if anyone else has gotten up from the dinner table and stuck their head in the freezer because you really feel like the inner thermal heat from your body is going to make you explode. Or what you are supposed to do after being a stay home mom for over ten years and now you're not needed (quite as much). After searching all of my favorite bloggers and cyber loves, I realized we are not out there. So. I am going to share and I hope you all join me! If you can relate or you have questions please let me know. Your comments and feedback will inspire me. If you are not here yet (maybe you are still living up your 20's and 30's) keep celebrating, but pay close attention... this magnificent life has a way of flying by. You will blink and the next thing you know you will be holding that book out further and further to get the blurriness to go away!

It's a lovely ride and I am here to share it with you!



P.S. - For years, I wrote a blog. I will refer to posts from there now and then, but you can find all of those ramblings at

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